Apartments in Manila for Expatriates

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Published: 03rd February 2011
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Finding suitable apartments and houses in Manila for expatriates is very easy and the internet is a good way to start. For foreigners who are working in this city and are looking for apartments in Manila, the best place to look is Makati, where luxurious houses and buildings can be found.

Prospective tenants can choose a modest-sized apartment or house, or if the budget allows, a 3-bedroom unit in a high-rise building with a view of the city. Philippines real estate has definitely come a long way.

To many people, renting is a more viable option than buying a house or an apartment. This is so true for expatriates who are temporarily doing business in this country or for foreign students who just need a place to stay for 4 or more years. Indeed, buying a house in this country is impossible if youíre an expatriate or a student.

There are options and limitations to foreigners owning houses in Manila, which is why they would rather rent a house or an apartment. Land ownership is impossible for many foreigners because Philippines real estate law forbids them to acquire land. Only Filipino citizens and corporations, as well as partnerships where 60% of the capital is owned by Filipinos, have the right to acquire land.

However, expatriates can still own a condo and townhouse in this country. This condo or townhouse property is fully their own, and they will be issued a special visa for ownership, provided that they are at least 35 years old and above. An expatriate should also meet the bank deposit requirements that can be withdrawn at a later date. Still, this might prove very complicated and costly for foreigners planning to live here. Thatís why renting apartments in Manila is the best option.

The Philippines real estate market is governed by laws issued by the government. Rent for houses in subdivisions and condo properties are under these laws. This also serves as a guideline to protect the rights of both owner and renter.

Houses in Manila, especially in Makati, are among the best in Southeast Asia. Potential tenants will find the best houses and apartments in Manila in cities such as Makati and Taguig. The Makati Central Business District and The Fort in Taguig are perhaps the perfect place in Manila to rent an apartment.

These apartments are located inside both low-rise and high-rise buildings that have unparalleled amenities such as gyms, pools, and backup power generators. People looking for only the best living space in this city should check out these luxurious residences. These facilities are also near business districts and the airport. That is the reason why renting these apartments is a good choice for them.

Because Philippines real estate laws limit the choices in houses for foreigners, the best choice for them is to rent apartments in Manila. Expatriates who rent houses in Manila find this a less expensive solution to their housing needs if they are only working here temporarily. These housing options are worth the money you pay for them.

The author is a real estate professional who knows how to get the best Philippines real estate. For more information, go to today.

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